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About Us

Entering the sector in 2007 Mechanical Engineer Kenan COŞKUN, founder of the company decided following more than 4 years of  experience in assembly to turn this technical structure into an investment and established Elegas Elevator in 2011. Operating on an enclosed area of 2100 m2 in Ambarlı-Istanbul, our company  has maximized its product quality with the uncompromising quality control mechanism applied at all stages of manufacturing.

Elegas Elevator which provides services in elevator cabinet-door manufacturing and package material sales, has become one of the respected names in the domestic sector with its wide product range, quality workmanship and advanced technology. In recent years, Elegas Elevator which gives weight to abroad, serves approximately 10 countries.

With the dynamic staff, Elegas Elevator which has adopted the principle of quality workmanship, smiling and timely delivery aims to become a World brand by including you.



Package Elevator

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